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14 Websites Where You Can Learn Photoshop For Free


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    What are the best online resources to learn Adobe Photoshop?
    • TutsPlus
    • SpoonGraphics
    • Phlearn
    • SpeckyBoy
    • Abduzeedo

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    1. Adobe Photoshop CC – Essentials Training Course (Skillshare) First up on my list is a fantastic Adobe Photoshop course that teaches students all the fundamentals and practical tips and tricks along the way!
    2. Adobe Photoshop Mega Course – From Beginner to Super Designer (Skillshare) If you are completely new to Adobe Photoshop and are wanting a one-stop-shop that will teach you all the aspects of the software, this might be the course for you!
    3. Welcome to the Photoshop Essential Training Series (LinkedIn Learning) From the multi-part online course: “Photoshop 2022 Essential Training: The Basics,” this course serves as an introduction to Adobe Photoshop as a stand-alone class or part of a larger series that has been taken by 44,000 students!
    4. Adobe Photoshop CC: the Complete Guide (CreativeLive) If you’ve got the CC subscription version of Adobe Photoshop and want to get more familiar with using the program for your creative needs, this course is a great pick whether you’re currently a beginner, intermediate or advanced user!
    5. Photoshop CC Fundamentals (PluralSight) Next on my list is a great offering from Pluralsight that will teach students how to harness the full power of Photoshop CC to create stunning artwork and images.
    6. Learn Adobe Photoshop Like a Pro: Advanced Techniques (Skillshare) If you are seeking out a Photoshop course that will teach you the more advanced techniques of retouching, this class can’t be missed!
    7. Photoshop Fundamentals (Udemy) Are you new to Adobe Photoshop and looking to start building up your technical skills? If so, you’ll want to check out this beginner-level course that packs a lot of learning into a short class!
    8. Adobe Photoshop CC – Advanced Training Course (Skillshare) If you’re already experienced with Adobe Photoshop, but want to take your skills to the next level, then this intermediate class is a great starting point.
    9. Photoshop CC Essential Training: The Basics (LinkedIn Learning) If you’re looking to get started in Photoshop as well as learn insider tips to speed up and simplify your workflow, you’ll want to check out this online course that has been taken by over 92,000 students already!
    10. Adobe Photoshop Complete Mastery Course Beginner to Advanced (Udemy) Next up on my list is an online course that will take you from a stranger to Adobe Photoshop all the way to an advanced user in about 5 ¾ hours of on-demand video!
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    10 Best + Free Adobe Photoshop Courses [2022 …


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    1. Photoshop CC for Beginners: Your Complete Guide to Photoshop (Udemy) This course is created by Phil Ebiner, best selling instructor and Video School Online Inc, which specializes in creating hand tailored videos for various skills.
    2. Learn Adobe Photoshop CC 2018, Largest Photoshop Course 29hrs (Udemy) Created by Chris Parker, a photographer with over 30 years of experience, this is probably one of the most thoroughly detailed Photoshop programs available online.
    3. Mastering Adobe Photoshop CC (Udemy) Today there is rarely anyone who is unaware of the term ‘Photoshop’. So, if you are someone who always wanted to try their hands at Photoshopping images then this is the program for you.
    4. 100% FREE Photoshop Courses and Tutorials (Udemy) Udemy provides some of the best courses and tutorials on Adobe Photoshop to help you begin your journey as a graphic designer.
    5. Free Photoshop CC 2018 Course : Fundamentals, Advanced, Mastery (LinkedIn Learning) Designing, editing and letting your imagination lose is indeed one of the coolest things ever.
    6. Fundamentals of Photoshop – Free Tutorial Part 1, Part 2 (Skillshare) If you want to learn to use Photoshop but are short on time then this will be a good place to begin.
    7. Adobe Photoshop CC: The Complete Guide (CreativeLive) Learn how to work effectively in Photoshop with one of the best software instructors, Ben Willmore.
    8. Adobe Photoshop CC: Bootcamp (CreativeLive) It is a fact that a lot can be done using Photoshop software but most of the time it may come off as a bit intimidating for beginners.
    9. Photoshop Tutorials (Adobe) What can be better than to learn about the legendary software from the creators themselves? If you are familiar with the online lectures available online then be prepared to be surprised.
    10. Photoshop Beginners Mastery: Zero to Hero in Photoshop (Udemy) It is true that most of us get apprehensive thinking about trying our hands at something new.

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    Free Online Adobe Photoshop Courses Alison

    These These free online Adobe Photoshop courses will teach you the skills needed for every creative project, from photo editing and compositing to digital painting, animation, and graphic

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    Free Online Photoshop Course EduCBA

    Tutorials This Free Online Photoshop Course includes a course with 2+ hours of video tutorials and Lifetime access. You get to learn all the key …

    Rating: 5/5(29)
    Hours: 2+ Video Hours
    Course Name: Online Free Course Photoshop Certification

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    6 Free Courses To Learn Adobe Photoshop CC For …

    Photoshop Here is the link to join this free course — Photoshop Fundamentals 2. Photoshop CC: The Essentials of Photoshop In Just 2 hrs If you are looking for a free online but …

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    Top Adobe Photoshop Online Courses Free Certified

    Adobe Arabic. دروس تعلم الفوتوشوب في 30 ثانية Adobe photoshop cc 2014. (4.36) 1371. 44. 05:35:30. Gareth David Studio. English. Learn Adobe Photoshop 33 Episode FREE Course. (4.56) 116.

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    Adobe Digital Learning Services Training & Certification

    Adobe Adobe Workfront On-Demand Training Learn Adobe Workfront at your own pace with our on-demand classes and Spotlights. Access for free with your All Access or On-Demand Learning Subscription. Learn anywhere, at your pace. …

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    Free Online Adobe Courses Alison

    Range These free online Adobe courses have all the information to bring you up to speed with this range of computer software. Adobe offers a range of products that are highly useful for …

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    Free Photoshop Training Online Tutorials

    Photoshop These Free Photoshop training online tutorials are for learning introductory through advanced Photoshop skills. Learn Photoshop editing techniques and ways to work more efficiently

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    Free Adobe Photoshop Course 100% Free Certification Course

    Information By this course learn 7 Types Important Work Of Adobe Photoshop With Step-By-Step Video Tutorial If You Want To Be Boss In Your Career. The detailed information and …

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    Photoshop For Beginners Online Training Course

    Masks This online course is designed to give you a solid foundation in the basics of Adobe Photoshop. In 58 engaging lessons you will learn how to use basic techniques like layer masks and …

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    Free Online Adobe Courses

    Adobe 17 Best Online Adobe Photoshop Courses 2022 [Free. Courses (1 days ago) Top 17 Best Free Online Adobe Photoshop Courses & Classes. 1. Adobe Photoshop CC – Essentials …

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    Photoshop Courses Online Free

    Adobe 17 Best Online Adobe Photoshop Courses 2022 [Free. Courses (1 days ago) Top 17 Best Free Online Adobe Photoshop Courses & Classes. 1. Adobe Photoshop CC – Essentials …

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    Free Photoshop Online Editor Online Course

    Photoshop Click here to Download. Photoshop Online Editor to help you edit photos fast and professionally on your laptop or PC. Photoshop Online Editor will realize all your basic …

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    10+ Best Adobe Photoshop Courses In 2022 (September) JUST™ …

    Adobe This course is created in such a way that beginners can get an overview of the Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud interface. It will also be an eye-opener for the various tools …

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    Best Adobe Courses & Certifications [2022] Coursera

    Design In summary, here are 10 of our most popular adobe courses. Get Started with Adobe Illustrator: Coursera Project Network. Graphic Design: California Institute of the Arts. Google UX Design: …

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    Free Online Training For Educators On Enhancing Editing Skills …

    TRAINING Free Online Training for Educators on Enhancing Editing Skills using Adobe Photoshop with e-Certificate September 27 Register now! FREE ONLINE TRAINING for ALL! This free

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the best online resources to learn Adobe Photoshop?

    • TutsPlus
    • SpoonGraphics
    • Phlearn
    • SpeckyBoy
    • Abduzeedo

    Why do you learn Adobe Photoshop?

    Some other positive points to support why we should learn it:

    • It is an affordable application
    • We can learn it using online sources and tutorials but going through professional training will make us a master
    • We can create images for our blogs and social media
    • Pattern and textures can be created easily to use anywhere
    • We can grab freelance work too with this single application eg. ...
    • Vast yet easy to learn application

    What can you actually do with Adobe Photoshop?

    What Can You Do With Photoshop?

    1. Cropping Images. The Crop Tool is one of the most common tools we use in Photoshop. ...
    2. Retouching Images. Another major advantage Photoshop gives you is the ability to retouch an image. ...
    3. Balancing Images. Photoshop is a perfect tool for balancing images. ...
    4. Creating Images. ...
    5. Adding Effects to Images. ...
    6. Adding Text to Images. ...

    What are the steps to using tools of Adobe Photoshop?

    • Menu bar (at the very top) shows the File, Edit, Image, and other menus that give you access to a variety of commands, adjustments, and panels.
    • Options bar (underneath the menu bar) displays options for the tool you are currently working with.
    • Tools panel (on the left) contains tools for editing images and creating artwork. ...

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