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Take Control With Self Publishing Online

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7 hours ago Take Control with Self Publishing. Self Publishing. With Amazon’s self publishing services you can reach millions of readers worldwide and keep control of your …


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Self Publishing Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

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9 hours ago Self-publish eBooks and paperbacks for free with Kindle Direct Publishing, and reach millions of readers on Amazon. Get to market fast. Publishing takes less …


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1 hours ago The course is a series of lectures that gives to the unpublished or the newly published direction and advice about a world that can seem to be closed and insular.

Rating: 4.5/5(3)
Author: Jane Friedman, The Great Courses Release Date: October 23, 2015
Listening Length: 11 hours and 33 minutes


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How To Publish An Audiobook: Your Guide To Audiobook

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4 hours ago

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Published: Apr 24, 2020
1. ACX. ACX is Audible’s (owned by Amazon) full-service audiobook production and distribution arm. With ACX you can distribute to Amazon, Audible and iTunes.
2. Findaway Voices. Findaway Voices provides audiobook production and distribution services. Findaway Voices champions an open audiobook market where authors and publishers choose where to sell their audiobooks and at what price to sell them.
3. ListenUp. Located in Atlanta, since 2009, ListenUp Audiobooks has been one of the publishing industry’s top audio production companies. ListenUp offers Indie Author’s and Publishers Audiobook production and non-exclusive distribution services, paying 80% to Authors of the royalties they receive from retailers and libraries in over 190 Countries.
4. Author’s Republic. Author’s Republic is a distributor of Audiobooks. They do not provide any production services themselves. However, they do have a production deal with Deyan Audio where, if you use their services, authors receive a larger percentage of the royalties from Author’s Republic.
5. Kobo Writing Life. An offshoot of Kobo, Kobo Writing Life is the brand’s platform dedicated to self-publishers. KWL enables self-publishers to upload, promote, and sell eBooks and audiobooks.


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SelfPublishing On Amazon Course EzSEONews

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3 hours ago Self-Publishing on Amazon Course. September 10, 2020. , 12:44 pm. , Courses. Amazon online has given a publishing platform to authors who may never have been …

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The Best SelfPublishing Courses: Top 6 Online Programs

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2 hours ago

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Published: Mar 20, 2018


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How To Create A Great Audiobook (Free Course) – Reedsy

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5 hours ago David Markowitz is the Head of Digital Strategy and Partnerships at ListenUp Audio, an innovative, award-winning audio production company, and audiobook

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SelfPublishing Courses: 5 Best Online Publishing Courses

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1 hours ago

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1. Self-Publishing School with Chandler Bolt. Self-published entrepreneur Chandler Bolt quit college back in 2014 and set out to write a book called The Productive Person.
2. Authority Pub Academy With Steve Scott and Barrie Davenport. Steve Scott [also known as S.J. Scott] is one of the biggest names when it comes to self publishing.
3. Self-Publishing 101 with Mark Dawson. I became interested in Mark Dawson’s platform as a big fan of his John Milton action series books and Isabella Rose thrillers.
4. Your First 10k Readers with Nick Stephenson. If you are looking for a comprehensive, in-depth, no-holds-barred course on marketing tactics, Nick Stephenson’s Your First 10,000 Readers is that course.
5. Tribe Writers with Jeff Goins. Jeff Goins is the best-selling author of five books including The Art of Work and Real Artists Don’t Starve. He is the owner of where he shares his thoughts on writing, life and creativity.


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Do It Yourself: A 10Step Guide To SelfPublishing An

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4 hours ago

1. Determine if the audiobook industry is right for you. The audiobook market is growing, but is it worth it for you as a writer? Frankly, audiobooks are time consuming — it’s like re-writing your novel.
2. Find your perfect narrator. Easier said than done! It’s imperative that the narrator you select fits your book because he or she will be telling your story.
3. Correct your audio. This is one of the most time consuming parts of audiobook production because you must listen through your novel carefully. I’ve come across sound glitches, narrator’s coughing and even the sound of dishes clanking in the background.
4. Decide when enough is enough. Sometimes narrators can be difficult to work with; they may miss deadlines, they may make tons of mistakes and technical glitches throughout the narrative, etc.
5. Pick which mistakes enhance your narrative. Audiobooks rely on sound rather than sight, so sometimes narrators will add a word or change a clause slightly because it “flows” better when spoken.
6. Choose which platform you want to use. Depending on what you want to do with your book, you can use a service like ACX, a platform owned by Amazon, which takes a percentage of your sales.
7. Choose a payment model. The narrator is an imperative part of your audiobook, so it’s important to figure out how you and the narrator can benefit the most.
8. Make time to review your audiobook. The average audiobook takes about eight hours to listen to, but many of mine run much longer. You’ll also have to go over the audio a few times, adding time to your production.
9. Promote your audiobook. Sometimes authors overlook the importance of branding and promoting in this day and age. It’s imperative that you spend time marketing your book, whether you’re making eye-catching Facebook posts or giving out promotional copies of your book.
10. Evaluate the process. Now you must look back at the process and reflect upon it. There is one major question you must ask yourself: Were you successful?


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How To SelfPublish A Book (Free Course) – Reedsy

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2 hours ago Taught by: Martin Cavannagh. Start this course. Be the next Andy Weir or E.L. James by launching your writing career with a self-published book. In this 10-part …

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The Self Publishing Class Course

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Just Now This is a complete course on kindle publishing, paperbacks, and audiobook publishing. You will learn the exact methods i used to scale up my publishing


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How To SelfPublish An Audiobook The Creative Penn

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5 hours ago It's an Amazon company and audiobooks produced through the site are sold on Amazon, Audible and iTunes. You have to legally own the rights to use ACX, for example …

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download audio books from Amazon??

Open the title and look for a headphone icon. Click on this icon and then click on the cover to begin downloading. This icon switches between headphones and a book icon to toggle between reading and listening. If you prefer to only listen, Amazon offers audiobooks for sale separately as well.

How can I sell audio books on Amazon??

Step 1 Go to the Amazon homepage. Scroll toward the middle and click on "Sell Your Stuff.". Select "Books" from the product categories available. Type the ISBN number or keyword for your audio book into the offered space and then click "Start Selling.". Scroll through the items available until you find the audio book you have to sell.

How can I publish a book with Amazon??

How to Self-Publish a Book on Amazon Step 1: Visit and Sign In or Sign Up Step 2: Add New Title From Your KDP Dashboard Step 3: Enroll in KDP Select Step 4: Enter Your Book Title and Subtitle Step 5: Enter Your Book Description Step 6: Enter Book Contributors Step 7: Add Author Name Step 8: Verify Your Publishing Rights

Is audible free with Kindle Unlimited??

With Kindle Unlimited, you have access to over 2,000 free Audible titles that are Whispersync for Voice-ready, so switching back and forth between your eBook and audiobook is completely seamless. And speaking of seamless, once you download an eligible Kindle Unlimited eBook,...

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