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Expert 1. History and Overview of the brewing process. A brief history of beer brewing and an overview of the basic steps in the brewing process.
2. Beer ingredients: Malt. Exploration of the typical characteristics of cereals used to make different types of beer, as well as the different steps in the malting process.
3. Beer ingredients: Water. Focus on the importance of water composition, how water is treated and its influence on beer quality and taste. You will also investigate your local water quality.
4. Beer ingredients: Hops and spices. Exploration of the typical characteristics of hops and spices used in beer brewing, and their effect on beer taste and aroma.
5. Beer ingredients: Yeast. Introduction to the different brewing yeasts, as well as their metabolites that influence beer. Expert speakers module 5
6. The brewing process. Explanation of the main stages involved in beer brewing. Expert speaker module 6: Dr. Gert De Rouck, Brew Master, KU Leuven, BE.
7. Fermentation. Exploration of key biochemical reactions during fermentation. Expert speaker module 7: Anne-Françoise Pypaert, Brew Master, Orval Brewery, BE.
8. Filtration and packaging. Overview of filtration and different packaging types. Expert speaker module 8: Dr. David De Schutter, Innovation & Technology Development Director Europe, AB InBev Brewery, BE.
9. Beer quality and stability. Overview of beer quality checks, and what parameters affect beer stability. Expert speaker module 9: Prof. Charlie Bamforth, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Department of Food Science and Technology, UC Davis, USA.
10. Beer assessment and tasting. Get hands-on experience in beer tasting and identifying key (off)flavors. Expert speaker module 10: Dr. Veerle Daems, Senior Sensory Scientist, Haystack Consulting, BE.

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End date: Sep 11, 2022
Start Date: Dec 31, 2021

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Courses The Craft Beer courses are about an overview of beer and beer chemistry, about different beer styles, raw materials and advanced brewing. The Craft Beer courses are trainings that are designed to help students learn about brewing and beer styles that provide an informative experience. These Craft Beer courses are for people with any level of

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The Best Beer Brewing Classes Of 2022

Beer Students will learn about the malting process, the structure and morphology of chemicals in beer, the botany of hops, the steps for making beer, and more. The price is around $18,000. An international program, parts of the studies are completed at Munich’s Doemens Academy, where students learn about and sample local beer styles.

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The Science Of Beer EdX

Different Look at the health effects related to beer consumption Syllabus Module 1: Production of Beer In this two-week module you will learn everything about the production process of beer. You will explore different beer styles, be confronted with quality issues and …

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End date: Jul 27, 2022
Start Date: Feb 02, 2022

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Beer 101 Course Beer Courses Beer Lessons …

Downloadable Beer 101 costs $20. Reserve approximately one hour to complete the course. Grab some headphones or turn up your computer speakers–Beer 101 includes narration. Enroll Now + Beer 101 Quiz A satisfactory score of 75% or collecting 15 ingredients will earn you a downloadable certificate of completion.

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Beer Brewing Online Class Co Classes

Erica’s Erica’s class is the perfect intro for those learning to brew for the first time (or for those who just want in on this amazing grapefruit honey recipe). In under 60 minutes, Erica’s online class will walk you through all the steps of beer brewing: from sanitizing your supplies, fermentation, to transferring your final brew to bottles.

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9 Beer Schools You Should Consider For Your Career

Program 1. Siebel Institute of Technology. No list of brewing schools is complete without Siebel. Dr. John Siebel founded the Siebel Institute of Technology in 1872, making it the oldest brewing school in the country.
2. American Brewers Guild. The American Brewers Guild is similar to Siebel except that it is a distance education program, meaning the courses are delivered online (you can attend beer school in your undies, yay!).
3. UC Davis Extension. Siebel and the American Brewers Guild are good trade schools, but if you’re looking for a University setting for brewing then you can’t go wrong with UC Davis in Davis, California.
4. Oregon State University. Oregon State University is another huge titan in beer academia. Their B.S. in Fermentation Sciences is a very popular program that emphasizes the science behind brewing.
5. Appalachian State University. Appalachian State University (ASU) also offers a B.S. in Fermentation Sciences. This program began in June 2012, making it the newest program on our list.
6. Central Washington University. CWU offers a 4-year B.S. in Craft Brewing as well as a new Minor for science majors and a Certificate for non-science majors enrolled at CWU.
7. Metropolitan State University of Denver. MSU in Denver offers a B.S. in Brewery Operations or Craft Brewing & Pub Operations. Both beer programs are part of MSU’s Department of Hotel, Tourism, and Events, which blends the art and science of brewing beer with the hospitality knowledge and operational skills required for employment after program completion.
8. Colorado Boy. The Colorado Boy (Ridgway, Colorado) Immersion Course is different from most brewing schools. It is essentially a mentorship program one on one where the student (or student and partner) spend three days at the brewery doing everything that they would normally do in their own brewery.
9. San Diego State University. San Diego State has two beer schools to choose from. One is a semester-long program and one is a 9-day “Bootcamp” program intended for people who live outside San Diego.

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Beer Brewing Courses, Microbrewery Courses, Brewing

Aimed Brew-School holds inspirational Beer Brewing Courses aimed at both amateur and professional brewers from around the world. All grain to advanced brewing From people wishing to have a go at all grain beer brewing for the first time to specialist Brewing Courses aimed at those in the microbrewery industry.

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Brewing Courses [2022] Learn Online For Free Class Central

Organize 600+ Free Computer Science Courses from World’s Top 50 Universities [2022] 1000+ Free Developer and IT Certifications. Inclusive Web Design with Accessibility Engineer Parham Doustdar. Course Review: Nature-based Urban Regeneration. Visit The Report. Organize and share your learning with Class Central Lists. View our Lists Showcase.

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Mastering Beer Brewing Short Course Course Open Study

Develop Develop your skills in beer brewing, from home with this online training course! Develop your skills in instructor-led demonstrations and visual presentations . Improve your learning through online quizzes and educational games . Learn at your own pace around your other commitments. Course code: LE022 £229 Request a call back Course overview

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FREE Online Brewery Safety Training Brewers Association

Fermentation The Online Brewery Safety Training course library has 14 courses, each addressing a different procedure in the brewing process. The courses consist of videos, quizzes and resources. Safety courses include: Grain Handling Mashing Transfer and Boiling Whirlpool and Cooling Fermentation Cleaning and Sanitizing Fermentation and Cellaring

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Beer Brewing School Beer School Beer Brewing

CraftBeercom Beer 101 Course Beer 101 is a narrated online course for the beer beginner takes approximately one hour to complete and costs $20. Upon successful completion, you will receive a printable certificate from the Brewers Association. BeerSavvy®

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Online Homebrewing Courses Homebrew Academy

Chemistry Our online homebrewing courses have taught thousands of beer lovers like yourself to brew great-tasting, made at home beer. Featured Level Up All Grain Video Course Techniques and processes for water chemistry, yeast health, mashing, fermentation temperature, dry-hopping, zero-oxygen packaging, and more!

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Best Online Beer Brewing Courses Our 7 Top Courses


Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins
1. Learn How to Brew Beer at Home in 5 Easy Steps (Udemy) One of the best online beer brewing courses comes from Udemy. Udemy is a one-stop-shop for courses on nearly anything you could think of.
2. Beer: The Science of Brewing (edX) It is a combination of ingredients, chemical reactions, and carefully controlled processes that ultimately affect the taste and aroma of your beer.
3. The Science of Beer (edX) Looking for an introductory course that covers all the basics? The Science of Beer course developed by Wageningen University and Research does just that.
4. Craft Beer & Brewing. Sometimes just one course won’t cut it, especially if you are planning to make beer brewing more than a garage hobby. With Craft Beer & Brewing, you have access to over 50 courses with your yearly subscription.
5. Chemistry of Beer (University of Oklahoma) The Chemistry of Beer course offered by prestigious OU focuses on the chemical and biochemical reactions that take place between the four main ingredients in beer.
6. Beer Quality and Analysis (Oregon State University) While not offered completely online, the Beer Quality and Analysis series at Oregon State University offers advanced brewers a unique perspective into the world of production brewing.
7. Executive Overview of the Brewing Process (Seibel Institute) This overview course is designed to help those in decision-making roles within breweries or those who looking to get into these roles, understand basic operations.

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Beer Basics – Typsy Online Course

Reflect Course details. Humans have been drinking beer for about 10,000 years! Before we made the majority of our discoveries, we figured out that magic happens when we combine malt, yeast, hops, and water. It was once considered safer to drink than water, and thus beer was used as a bartering tool. Today, we are creating unique brews that reflect the

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Craft Beer & Brewing Video Courses

Brewing You have unlimited access to courses anytime, anywhere, with a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Get 30 Days for Free* View All Subscription Options *Subscription includes unlimited access to every brewing course (60+), every digital copy of Craft Beer & Brewing (40+), and a weekly brewing guide. After the free trial you'll be charged $99.99/year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best beer making kit for beginners??

The kit I got and recommended comes with the following equipment:

  • 6.5-gallon fermentor bucket with lid and bubbler airlock
  • Bottling bucket with easy pour spigot
  • 5-gallon stainless brew kettle
  • Bottle Filler
  • Stainless Spoon
  • Auto Siphon w/ 5 feet of tubing
  • Beer brewing ingredients kit (you can choose the beer)
  • Cleaning and sanitizing supplies
  • Bottle capper w/ caps

How to make beer for beginners??

  • Keep your equipment sterilized. Do not just sterilize your kettle and fermenter. ...
  • Keep notes. You never know when you’re going to find your new favorite beer recipe of all time, so be sure to keep track of any deviations you make to ...
  • Read the recipe, then re-read it twice. ...
  • Observe your beer carefully. ...

How to become a brew master??

Brewmaster is a person who supervises the brewing process in a brewery. Becoming one demands dedication and training. Applicants will require a bachelor's degree in microbiology, brewing, food science, chemistry, or fermentation to work as a brewmaster. Learn how to become a brewmaster, the earnings, and growth prospects.

How to become a brewmaster??

Part 3 Part 3 of 3: Working up to Brewmaster Download Article

  1. Prepare for the demands of the job. Brewing beer is not the easiest task. ...
  2. Get hired at a brewery. If you haven't already been hired as a brewer's assistant, it's time to get that experience now.
  3. Learn as much as you can about brewing on the job. ...
  4. Say yes to job offers that progress your career. ...
  5. Consider beginning your own brewery. ...

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