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ACFT Workout Plan: A Practical Guide To Prepping For The …

Event 1. 3-Rep Max Hex Bar Deadlift. The weight range for this exercise is between 120 and 420 pounds. To pass this part of the test, you will need to perform a set of three repetitions using maximum weight.
2. Standing Power Throw. In this event, you will throw a 10-pound weighted ball backward as far as possible. This is intended to test your explosive muscle power, which may be needed to lift something heavy (like a fellow soldier) over an obstacle or race across uneven terrain.
3. Hand-Release Push-Ups. This is still a set of regular Push-Ups, but with the added difficulty of removing your hands from the floor when you are at the bottom of the eccentric phase (chest to the floor).
4. Sprint-Drag-Carry. This is a high-intensity endurance event that will demand serious cardiovascular fitness! In this event, you will sprint five times up and down a 25-meter lane (50m back and forth, for a total of 250m) while dragging a 90-pound sled then carrying 40-pound kettlebells.
5. Leg Tuck. This is a much harder (and better) core exercise than Sit-Ups, as it’s easier on your spinal muscles, focuses more on your core strength, and generates double the amount of force on your abdominal muscles.
6. 2-Mile Run. This is the same as the final event in the older APFT, intended to test your cardiovascular endurance. However, the scoring threshold is lower, as it’s expected that the previous strenuous activity will leave you more tired than in the AFPT.

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ACFT Workout Plan ACFT New Army PT Test FREE …

Sessions) ACFT Workout Plan PDF – FREE 29 Page eBook. Army PT Plan (60 Min Sessions) ACFT Workout Plan (15-20 Min Sessions) ACFT Training Plan (Monthly Planning) Army PT Plan

Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins

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Combat Fit: 8Week ACFT Training Plan Review NOOB GAINS

Military The newly released ACFT — or Army Combat Fitness Test — is now a deciding factor in where your military career leads you (job and unit). Personal trainer Nick Tumminello … Rating: 9.4/10

Brand: Bodyfit

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Crush The ACFT Get SOFLETE's Free 6Week Prep Guide …

Download Download the SOFLETE 6-Week ACFT Prep PDF for FREE when you enter your email at the top of this page. This first training block gives you all the tools you need to improve your …

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ACFT 6WEEK Training PLAN StuDocu

6-WEEK 6-WEEK TRAINING PLAN ##### HARDTOKILLFITNESS. Training developed by Aaron Fick, B., CSCS, USAW. Department of Defensive. Civilian strength and conditioning specialist with the … Rating: 5/5(4)

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ACFT Training CrossFit Salem

Training Active duty instructors with coaching and ACFT training credentials; Specialized equipment for the ACFT program; Proven training protocols to improve your performance; TWO-MILE …

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Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) Prep Workout Muscle …

Getting Getting Started with Training for the ACFT, Workout 1 is designed to help strengthen the muscles used for each event on the ACFT in giant set form with little rest. This …

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ACFT Training Plan + Online Custom Nutrition Course Bundle

Bringing The complete package to elevate your training efforts. Get our both our popular 6-Month ACFT Training Plan along with custom nutrition coaching that’s geared towards bringing your …

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"Max The ACFT" 8Week Training Program #1 Rated Program – …

Program "Max the ACFT" 8-Week Training Program #1 Rated Program – Gritty Soldier Fitness, "Max the ACFT" Fitness Program (8-Weeks) $24.99, Add to cart, S, Samuel Magers, Great …

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Army Combat Fitness Test

Course Proponents of troop schools and functional training courses may require an ACFT as either an entrance or graduation requirement, regardless of course length, for any course starting on or …

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The Army Combat Fitness Test: 12Week Training Program Tom …

Training ACFT 12-Week Training Program, Get access to the VIGOR Training ACFT 12-week program, for only $3.90 (that’s 90% off my normal VIGOR Training member rate). This …

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Soldiers Train For The ACFT, Free resources to prepare Soldiers for the Army Combat Fitness Test, Programs, Customized training programs for different Soldiers & units, Maximalist, Full …

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Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) Physical Training Resources

Train From initial "field testing" to implementing a comprehensive unit physical fitness training plan, has all the tools and resources you'll need to understand and train …

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ACFT Workout Plan And Program Overview Sand And Steel Fitness

Program Your Cost. $7.50 for a Subscription; $79 to Buy the Program Outright; $0.00 with a personal training membership. We built our ACFT Program to help Army Soldiers improve …

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How To Train For The Army Combat Fitness Test Full ACFT Training …

Training Full ACFT Training Program: I recommend: (Affiliate links below support The Movement System …

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Army Combat Fitness Test Training Guide United States Army

Training Training Aid – Refer to FM 7-22 for expanded training programs and additional exercises . 4 . Execution: Squat while leaning slightly forward from the waist with head in line with the spine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ACFT training plan??

Home / Shop / Fitness Plans / Military Plans / PFT Plans / US Army / Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) Training Plan Laser focused to maximize your performance on ACFT events: 3RM Dead Lift, Hand Release Push Ups, 2-mile Run, etc. Plan is individually scaled so it can be reused before every ACFT and always meet your fitness level.

How do I get Started on the ACFT??

If we can get the proper training plan (weekly PT schedule) mixed with the right workout plans (daily exercises) we can and will succeed on the ACFT. Continue reading and we will go over every aspect of creating the right plan!

What is the army doing to prepare soldiers for the ACFT??

The Army is committed to providing equivalent training opportunities to all Soldiers in all components and fairness in the transition to the ACFT.

What is the Acft and why is it important??

Fundamental to Army readiness is the readiness of our Soldiers. While there are multiple components to individual readiness, physical fitness is essential for all Soldiers. The ACFT is specifically designed to assess Soldier physical fitness as it applies to combat, hence the name change to reflect the combat-centric nature of the test.

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