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    What are the prerequisites to learn Microsoft Azure?

    What are the prerequisites to learn Microsoft Azure?

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    Microsoft Azure Training & Certification Courses

    Azure Azure Training and Certification. Develop Azure skills you need for your job and career. Explore free online learning resources, hands-on labs, in-depth training, or get your expertise recognized with great deals on Azure certification.

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    10 Best Microsoft Azure Courses For Beginners And …


    Published: Apr 15, 2022
    1. AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam Prep. This is another best course to learn Azure on Udemy. You cannot just learn Azure concepts but also prepare for AZ-900 or Azure Fundamental exam simultaneously, which means you can also earn certification along the way.
    2. Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Exam Prep Specialization [Coursera + Microsoft] This is another online course that I highly recommend to anyone who wants to learn Azure cloud concepts from scratch.
    3. Microsoft Azure — Beginner’s Guide by Alan Rodrigues. This is another Udemy Azure course which is great to learn Microsoft Azure from scratch. As its name suggests this course is for beginners but to start this course you’ll need some basic IT knowledge on networks, databases, and how Web servers work.
    4. AZ-300 Azure Architecture Technologies Exam Prep 2022. This is the best Azure cloud course from Udemy and you can use this to learn Azure in-depth as well as to prepare for the AZ-300 exam.
    5. Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines by Microsoft [edX] This course’s focus is to use virtual machines in Azure for workloads, emphasizing basic configuration, planning, deployment, and management tasks.
    6. Microsoft Azure: The Big Picture [Pluralsight] This is one of the best beginner-level Azure courses from Pluralsight, another leading online portal for programmers and developers.s.
    7. Microsoft Azure Fundamentals [Pluralsight] This is another great Pluralsight course to learn Microsoft Azure from scratch. Created by Matt Milner, this course will introduce you to the new world of cloud computing and how to build on the Windows Azure Platform.
    8. Azure DevOps Fundamentals for Beginners [Udemy] This is an excellent Udemy course for both beginners and experienced software developers and tech leads who want to learn Learn how to plan, Manage, and Deploy Your Very First Azure DevOps Application Through Hands-On Demos and Use Cases.
    9. Azure Data Engineer Technologies for Beginners [Bundle] As the title suggests, this Azure course is for people who want to become Data Engineer and wants to work on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform.
    10. Azure Kubernetes Service with Azure DevOps and Terraform. This is another course that I recommend to an experienced developer who wants to master the Azure platform.

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    Best Microsoft Azure Courses & Certifications [2022]

    Cloud Skills you'll gain: Cloud Infrastructure, SQL, Virtual Machine, Data Management, Statistical Programming, Cloud Computing, Microsoft Azure, Leadership and Management, Databases …

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    Azure On Microsoft Learn Microsoft Docs

    Microsoft Microsoft Learn for Azure. Microsoft Azure. Grow your skills to build and manage applications in the cloud, on-premises, and at the edge. Continue your learning journey with Microsoft

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    10 Best Microsoft Azure Certification Courses [2022

    Microsoft 10 Best Microsoft Azure Certification Courses [2022 SEPTEMBER] [UPDATED] 1. 70-535 Architecting Microsoft Azure Certification Solutions (Udemy) 2. 70-532

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    My Favorite Free Microsoft Azure Cloud Courses For …

    Coursera Coursera Plus Unlimited Access to 7,000+ Online Courses Invest in your professional goals with Coursera Plus. Get Unlimited access to over 90% of courses, Projects… 4. AZ — 900

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    Azure Online Courses

    Courses Best Microsoft Azure Courses & Certifications [2022] Courses (6 days ago) When you take online courses about Microsoft Azure, you will gain a core understanding of how cloud …

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    11 Best FREE Microsoft Courses With Certification Online (2022)

    Microsoft Best Free Microsoft Office Courses Online with Certificate. Course Name Provider Duration Link; Microsoft 365: Implement Security and Threat Management: …

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    Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals Certifications

    Microsoft Studying the relevant self-paced content on Microsoft Learn, or attending a Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day: Fundamentals, or signing up for an instructor-led …

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    Best Microsoft Azure Courses Online In 2021 MadBright

    Course This course is designed to help students get themselves familiar with Microsoft's Cloud platform , Microsoft Azure. In this course you will learn the following 1. Creating a Free

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    Microsoft Azure Training Courses

    Microsoft Microsoft Virtual Training Days - Azure. Courses (Just Now) Help your organization adapt to new ways of working, solve business challenges, and achieve your goals by sharpening your …

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    10 Best Microsoft Azure Certification Training Courses

    Azure DP-900 Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals Certification 2021. AZ-204 Developing Solutions for Azure Certification 2021. AZ-303 Azure Architect Technologies …

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the prerequisites to learn Microsoft Azure??

    What are the prerequisites to learn Microsoft Azure?

    1. Flexibility in the Career
    2. Appealing Salaries
    3. The Benefit of Structured Learning
    4. Making the Most of Azure
    5. Improving Security Standards
    6. Leveraging the Integration with .NET Platform
    7. Proof of Commitment
    8. Using the Enterprise Agreement Clause
    9. Greater Chances for Professional Development
    10. Improving Your DevOps Skills

    How to start with Microsoft Azure??

    Microsoft Azure Certification: Where to Start?

    • Role-based Certification. The new job-role orientation of the new certification paths make choosing a little easier than in the past.
    • Free Exam Self-Assessment Tools. Knowing what to study and where to focus your efforts is a critical aspect to training for a certification exam.
    • Landing Your First Technology or Programming Job. ...

    What is the best way to learn Azure??

    • Microsoft Azure
    • The most obvious resource for free Azure training is Microsoft itself. ...
    • YouTube
    • The mecca of free videos makes it easy to surf your way through a variety of Azure training videos.
    • GitHub
    • The world’s leading development platform is all about open source learning, building, and project management in a community of 28 million developers.

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    How do I get a free Microsoft Azure trial??

    Your Options for Getting Microsoft Azure for Free: Explained

    • Your Free Azure Options. So you need to leverage an Azure service but have no money? ...
    • Limited Time Free Azure Account. Like many cloud services, Azure offers a free credit trial to entice potential customers into using the Azure cloud.
    • Always Free Services. ...
    • Azure Dev/Test Pricing. ...
    • Managing Cost. ...

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