Eeo Training Federal Employees

Training U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Managers The Commission's Office of Federal Operations offers courses for managers and supervisors that include a module entitled "Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Federal EEO Complaint Process." As part of the course, the managers have the opportunity to view a …

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Federal Training & Outreach U.S. Equal Employment …


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EEO Training Courses Federal Employment Law Training …

FELTG EEO Training Courses The realm of Equal Employment Opportunity is as vast and diverse as the people it represents. FELTG offers onsite programs to train EEO attorneys, practitioners and supervisors on the strategies, principles, …

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Federal EEO Training American Association For Access …

Training FEDERAL EEO TRAINING. Every year, AAAED provides annual refresher training for Federal EEO Counselors and Investigators who are required to have eight hours of training annually by the Equal Employment Opportunity …

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Courses For Federal Employees Training And …

Course The following OPM sponsored courses are available for federal employees to access at no cost. They are easy to use! Click on the course link. Watch the video to complete the course Print your completion certificate. Course Functionality Tips: - Some of the courses utilize Flash or contain PDF documents.

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FedCenter Training

FedCenter In conjunction with the USEPA, FedCenter is offering FREE, web-based, on-demand training courses for Federal employees. FedCenter membership is required to view some of these FedCenter-sponsored courses. If you are a Federal employee and do not yet have a FedCenter membership account, you may sign up here .)

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Training Opportunities

Updated In HRU's Work-Life Studio (external link), Federal HR practitioners, managers, and employees can find FREE, virtual courses related to work-life programs. This training resource is regularly updated with new webinars, videos, and announcements for upcoming events.

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Federal Virtual Training Environment (FedVTE) CISA

(202) 753-0845FedVTE Tell others about the free cybersecurity training available in FedVTE by posting a flyer in the office. FedVTE Help Desk Support. Email: [email protected]; Phone: (202) 753-0845 or toll-free (833) 200-0035; Technical issues with user account/password resets, questions on current and upcoming courses, or requests for new courses

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Professionals 32 Hour Fed. EEO Investigator Certification

Federal Our extensive 32-Hour Federal EEO Investigator Certification Program & Business Toolkit for Professionals is loaded with important information that you will need to become a successful EEO Entrepreneur! In order to excel in the competitive Federal EEO industry you will need more than just an EEO certification and that is exactly what we provide

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EEO Training, Federal Employees, Washington DC, Maryland, …

Federal In this course, you will learn about the various EEO laws affecting Federal employees and Federal employment. You will discuss prohibited forms of discrimination and the EEO complaint process, as well as techniques for identifying and avoiding workplace discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. Course Topics Laws that govern EEO

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Training Opportunities For Federal Employees GSA

Schedules Contracts and acquisitions. Federal employees can learn how to purchase quality supplies and services at the best possible prices through these two learning centers: GSA Schedules TrainingCourses for contracting professionals seeking to strengthen their understanding of GSA Schedules. Topics include: Using Multiple Award Schedules.

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Training And Development

Training Federal Virtual Training Environment (FedVTE) is a free online, on-demand cybersecurity training system that is available for government personnel and veterans. Managed by the Department of Homeland Security, FedVTE contains more than 800 hours of training on topics such as ethical hacking and surveillance, risk management, and malware analysis.

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NoCost Outreach Programs U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity …

Training The EEOC Training Institute provides a wide variety of training to assist employers in educating their managers and employees on the laws enforced by EEOC and how to prevent and correct discrimination in the workplace. Visit the EEOC Training Institute to learn more about the courses, seminars and products developed by the experts.

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Training And Outreach U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity …

Offers EEOC offers on-site training at an employer's worksite on a range of EEO topics, with harassment and an overview of EEO laws our most requested topics. We can also tailor a training program to an individual employer's needs. The EEOC Training Institute also offers seminars, courses, workshops, and conferences on EEO issues.

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Equal Employment Opportunity Professionals The ILR School

Issues Understand the complex issues surrounding EEO/affirmative action laws and obligations of employers. Participate in this interactive training to learn to identify potential issues that can address federal, state and local laws, and requirement. Topics include discrimination, harassment, affirmative action, managing ill and injured workers, family/medical leaves, wage …

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I implement EEO guidelines?

How to Prevent Race and Color Discrimination

  • General. Train Human Resources managers and all employees on EEO laws. ...
  • Recruitment, Hiring, and Promotion. Recruit, hire, and promote with EEO principles in mind, by implementing practices designed to widen and diversify the pool of candidates considered for employment openings, including ...
  • Terms, Conditions, and Privileges of Employment. ...
  • Harassment. ...

What do you need to know abouteeo?

  • Race / color
  • National origin / ethnicity
  • Religion
  • Age
  • Sex / gender / sexual orientation
  • Medical history

What is the benefit of a model EEO program?

  • The reporting structure for the EEO program provides the principal EEO official with appropriate authority and resources to effectively carry out a successful EEO program. ...
  • The EEO Director controls all aspects of the EEO program. ...
  • The EEO Director and other EEO professional staff are involved in, and consulted on, management/personnel actions. ...

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How to become an EEO investigator?

The training should include the following information:

  • The ADR Act and its amendments, with emphasis on the federal government's interest in encouraging mutual resolution of disputes and the benefits associated with utilizing ADR;
  • The EEOC's regulations and policy guidance with respect to ADR, 29 C.F.R. ...
  • The operation of the ADR method or methods that the agency employs;

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