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27 Training Survey Questions To Help Obtain Valuable …

Time Here are some of the training survey questions you should consider asking (of course, don’t use all of them in a single survey): 1. How …

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20+ Best Online Training Survey Questions You Must Ask


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1. Did You Find the Course Content Helpful? Training course survey questions like this are a great way to kick off your survey. They help you identify whether the training content meets the expectations of the course participants.
2. How Did You Feel While Going Through the Course? Did your learners feel excited while taking the course? Or did it bore them to death? These are some of the questions that you’d certainly want an answer to, right from the moment you deliver the course.
3. What Did You Enjoy the Most in This Course? Discovering what your learners like most in your course and what they would like to see more is key to training success.
4. Was the Training Interactive Enough? As long as your training is interactive, learners will learn better, retain information longer, and apply them to real work situations.
5. Was the Time Allocated Sufficient to Cover All Topics? It is essential to identify whether your learners got sufficient time to thoroughly go through all the course topics.
6. How Would You Rate the Instructor? This is one of the most common staff training survey questions. In addition to measuring the quality of your course, you need to find out how learners rate your instructor.
7. What Did You Specifically Learn that You Think is New & Invaluable to You? Different learners learn different things at the same time that you allocate to a course.
8. Do You Think the Courses Are Easily Applicable? When we talk about workplace training, we talk about applying whatever the employees have learned during the course of training to their day-to-day job responsibilities.
9. Was the Class Size of the Training Optimal? The size of the training group should also be on your radar. The course participants should feel that they were given equal treatment and their needs were met.
10. How Would You Rate the Overall Training? You can ask your learners to rate the overall training on a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being poor and 5 being outstanding.

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Free Employee Training Evaluation Surveys: Questions

Survey Employee training evaluation survey templates by QuestionPro are ready-made, industry tested and written my expert HRs and researchers. These employee training evaluation surveys consists of insightful questions for the best survey results. You can also use these templates as survey examples or samples if you want to create an online survey from scratch, or simply …

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21 PostTraining Feedback Surveys Questions To Ask (2022)

Training 21 Examples of Post-Training Survey Questions to Ask Your Employee What do you hope to learn and take away from this training? What are the key specific topics you want to learn more about? Tell us about your professional goals and development. Was the training material and content helpful to you? Was the training program interactive and engaging?

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Training Survey Questions Online Training Software ELeaP

Course Other training survey questions to ask: What did you enjoy most about the training? What could have been improved? Were the learning objectives clearly defined before the course began and throughout the length of the course? Did you learn everything that was laid out in the learning objectives? Did you feel this course had value?

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10 Training Effectiveness Survey Questions To Ask

Training 1. Did the training content meet your expectations? This question can be answered with a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ check mark. This is a great question to ask as it helps you identify whether the training content matched the participants’ expectations.
2. Was the size of your training group appropriate? This question helps illuminate whether the learners felt comfortable in their groups. If the group size was too large, the participants may not feel as though their needs weren’t met.
3. How would you rate the quality of the training? A 1 to 5 option (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) with 1 = unacceptable and 5 = outstanding should give you a good idea of how the learners viewed the instruction overall.
4. Was the mix of presentations and activities suitable? Most training courses feature a mixture of instructor-led presentation sessions and activities where the trainees work individually or in groups on certain tasks.
5. How would you rate the quality of the instructor? A 1 to 5 ranking system (1 = unacceptable; 5 = outstanding) would help you identify how the learners felt about the course instructor.
6. Did you learn anything new? Respondents can answer this with a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ option. You can also invite written responses by asking learners, ‘If yes, please provide details’.
7. Was the training relevant to your needs? To dig down into the details, you need to understand whether the learners felt the course was a valuable use of their time.
8. Was the course practical and/or easy to apply? The results from a training effectiveness survey should be used in conjunction with other training evaluations.
9. Would participants recommend the training to colleagues? A ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ response option is most suitable for this question. High numbers of participants indicating that they wouldn’t recommend a course is a sign that the training failed to live up to expectations or was poorly planned and implemented.
10. Do you have any suggestions to improve this course? This question is best asked as an open-ended handwritten response. This type of response takes longer to read and interpret but can highly areas that other questions missed.

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9+ Training Survey Templates – Free Sample, Example

Training 9+ Training Survey TemplatesFree Sample, Example, Format Download A training survey form can be defined as a kind of tool that is generally used by training managers and other HR professionals, who want to collect feedback from trainers and trainees about how a particular session of training has been.

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Employee Training Survey Questionnaire QuestionPro

Training Employee training survey questionnaire is designed to collect feedback from participants regarding the training they have undergone. If you are in the training business this sample survey will help you understand the final goals of the trainee. This questionnaire is designed by experts and can be customized to fulfill the training needs of an organization.

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PostCourse Evaluations For ELearning: 60+ Questions To


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Training Experiences Satisfaction Survey

Disagree Training Experiences Satisfaction Survey Please answer these questions about the training you have received from the agency in which you now work. Circle the number based on this scale that most accurately reflects your opinion. The training I have received so far: Strongly Disagree Disagree Neither Agree or Disagree Agree Strongly Agree 1.

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FREE 8+ Training Questionnaire Examples & Samples In PDF

Training A training questionnaire is a list of questions that examines a training program conducted by a company or an organization that can provide valuable insight into the effectiveness of the training. This questionnaire determines whether or not the training has paid off and had a desired effect to the trainees.

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99 Questions To Include In A Posttraining Evaluation Survey

Course Before the course. A post-training survey shouldn’t focus only on the course. It should also include questions about the pre-training phase. and are getting prepared to take the course. Here are some sample questions: 7 pitfalls to avoid when developing online training courses for employees.

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Training Survey Questions And Templates (pre & Post

Offerings Use surveys in your community, workplace, healthcare or fitness organization to plan classes and training that will benefit your residents, employees, patients or clients. Test potential offerings using SurveyMonkey Audience , which gives you access to millions of respondents similar to your target audiences.

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Training Survey Template Free Templates Template.net

Training Training Survey Template – 10+ Free Word, Excel, PDF Documents Download. During a training session, both trainer and disciples learn from each other. Disciples learn about the topic and trainer learns about the information and grasping the power of disciples. Training survey normally takes place during the last part of training.

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Virtual Training Survey Form Template Jotform

Virtual Virtual Training Survey allows you to get feedback and comments from your students, colleagues, or participants that have attended your virtual training course. You can add input tables, long text, and single choices in order to get your attendees' responses and comments.

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