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Top 13 Event Planning Courses Online For Free 2021

Planning Worldscholarshipforum.com All Courses ››

To help you get started with your event planning career, we've compiled a list of top free online event planning courses to enroll in 2021. Enroll now!

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2021 Top Event Management Courses

Management Coursera.org All Courses ››

Event Management courses from top universities and industry leaders. Learn Event Management online with courses like Project Management Principles and Practices and The Cycle: Management of Successful Arts and Cultural Organizations. You can also add event planning to your list of skills in your current workplace, planning various events

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Event Management Courses Event Planning Courses Event

Courses Eventacademy.com All Courses ››

Event Academy is managed and run by industry veterans. All of our courses have been designed by people with current events experience. For those two reasons alone, it’s worth studying with us. Around 92% of all those who study one of our event planning courses

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Wedding & Event Planning Certification Wedding Planning

LWPI’s Weddingplanninginstitute.com All Courses ››

LWPI’s Certificate in Wedding and Event Planning course is a program designed to educate you on business best practices, systems, methods, and techniques to get your started in the event planning industry right away.

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Event Planning Certificate Emory University Atlanta GA

Events Ece.emory.edu All Courses ››

Event Planning is a blend of art and science – come explore both the aesthetic details which make events sparkle as well as the behind-the-scenes logistics which make events safe and functional. Successful event planners skillfully handle challenges and opportunities related to logistics, catering, audio-visual, design and décor, safety

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How To Become An Event Planner

Parties Ashworthcollege.edu All Courses ››

Our Event Planning course could be the inspiration you need. We'll equip you with knowledge of best practices in the industry, helping you stand out from the crowd as you pursue a rewarding career arranging events like conferences, trade shows, receptions, and parties. Get full program information, tuition & student requirements Learn how you can:

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Event Planning Certificate Programs In NY With School

Fashion Study.com All Courses ››

The fashion events planning certificate involves 9 required module courses, some of which include fashion publicity, personal presentation, staging an event, venues and in-store events.

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[Free] Event Management Courses & Certifications Online

Event Eventbrite.com All Courses ››

Event Management Courses and Certifications Online Thousands of innovative event creators from top companies have relied on these online event management courses to stay a step ahead of the competition. Sign up for one of these free, online event planning courses to get certified in the skills you need to grow your event — and your career.

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Event Planning Courses And Training Programs

Event Study.com All Courses ››

Programs in event planning are offered at many community colleges, colleges and universities. An event planning program can take anywhere from 2 …

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Event Planning Courses Online Free Free Event Management

Demand Oxfordhomestudy.com All Courses ››

Event Planning Courses Online Free A uniquely rewarding, dynamic and diverse creative industry, a career in event management can be incredibly fulfilling. On a global basis, demand for increasingly extravagant and elaborate events has led to an enormous spike in demand for qualified and experienced event planners.

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Online Wedding Planner School Event Training Course

Wedding Uscareerinstitute.edu All Courses ››

Wedding and Event Planner Course That Fits Your Life. In as little as four months you can be ready to start making $50,600 a year* as a Wedding and Event Planner. And our self-paced online wedding planner school training means you can study anytime, anywhere. With this online wedding and event planner certificate course, there are no in-person

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Event & Wedding Planning Course

Course Qceventplanning.com All Courses ››

The course combines the Event Planning course and the Wedding Planning course, providing you with the practical skills and tools to start your own planning business or find a job in the event industry. QC’s most popular course shows you how to: Plan and organize milestone parties, weddings, industry special events, and more!

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Online Event Planning Courses

Planning Qceventplanning.com All Courses ››

QC Event School offers a variety of online event planning courses in key sectors of the planning industry. Learn professional planning techniques to plan milestone events, corporate product launches, large-scale weddings, and more! Launch your own event planning business or work for a well-established event and wedding planning company.

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Free Mini Course New

Clients Eventplanning.com All Courses ››

“The Event Planning Course helped me get four new clients by knowing exactly how to position myself. I truly couldn’t believe it! I learned how to price my services in a way that my new clients paid me $23,850 in 3 months from the time I started! I highly recommend this course and learning from EventPlanning.com.”

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Event Planning Schools – Your #1 Event Planning School

Event Eventplanningschools.com All Courses ››

Event Planning is a very hands-on field therefore short courses combined with internships are often times just as valuable as a college degree. Please read our Event Planning Courses section for info on good courses. Event Planning Home Study Courses. There are many event planning home study courses available. Some are better than others.

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9 Best Event Planning Courses 2021 • Enroll Now • Benzinga

Regardless Benzinga.com All Courses ››

An event planning course helps equip you with the best practices in the industry and ensures that you stand out in a crowded field. Regardless …

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Why You Don't Need Event Planning Courses To Become An

Event Becomeaneventplanner.org All Courses ››

Become a certified event planner. A ‘certificate’ issued by a school to say you’ve completed an event planning course does not make you a certified event planner. To become certified, you must apply to a professional association such as ILEA (formerly ISES) or the Convention Industry Council. For more information, read my article Why You

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Event Planning Certification Event Planner Certificate

Event Iapcollege.com All Courses ››

In this part-time Event Planner Certificate Course online you will learn how to get started in a career as a professional event planner.

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Online Event Management Courses L3

Events Eventacademy.com All Courses ››

Event Academy online events management courses are all CIM-endorsed so are industry-recognised. They provide a complete grounding in events and event planning and are …

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Free Online Event Planning Courses

Courses Learn.org All Courses ››

Overview of Free Online Event Planning Courses There is a range of free online courses available to help develop your knowledge and understanding of event planning. If you're interested in this field, you can study for as little as eight hours in order to kick-start the learning process, or take longer courses if you would like a deeper

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Online Course: Event Planning 101

Degree Universalclass.com All Courses ››

Event planning is one of the hottest new fields available to people from all walks of life today. Although some event planners may possess a college degree in business or a related field of study, a college degree is not required to be an event planner, nor is a certificate or any other formal training--although any training and/or education you can receive would certainly be very beneficial

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Event Planning Courses NYC, New York CourseHorse

Their Coursehorse.com All Courses ››

Wedding and Event Planning Certification is the perfect course for the new planner, a bride or groom planning their own wedding, someone who enjoys planning parties, or a more seasoned wedding planner looking to fine-tune their skills and become certified.

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Get A Free Event Planning Course Catalog

Event Info.qceventplanning.com All Courses ››

About QC Event School. QC Event School is a faculty of QC Career School, an online international school that has been educating creative professionals for over 35 years. QC’s event & wedding planning courses give students the best training possible from the comfort of home. Study at your own pace and maintain your current income, while real

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Online Event Planning Class Learn Event Planning NYIAD

Event Nyiad.edu All Courses ››

Event Planning Classes: Outline. NYIAD's Event Planning Class is designed to teach you everything you need to know to start a new career as an event planner. We are proud to be the only online event planning school to offer every student access to a professional event planner for support and guidance throughout the course. Unit 1.

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Event Planning Courses

Guest Pcdi.ca All Courses ››

Event Planning Courses Achieve your goals in event planning with our practical curriculum. Learn how to book hotels and catering, manage transportation, and ensure the satisfaction of every guest. Each online lesson brings you closer to your dream career.

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How To Choose An Online Event Planning Course Event

Institute Eventplanningblueprint.com All Courses ››

Wedding Planning Institute – With a number of online event planning courses, WPI specializes in wedding planning and all things weddings – including floral design and green wedding planning. Event Leadership Institute – For event planners with professional experience, E.L.I offers a variety of online courses and training programs around

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Event Planning Course Online Event Planning Course

Planning Oxfordhomestudy.com All Courses ››

Course Unit 2 focuses on the event planning process, providing candidates with a detailed breakdown of each of the most important event planning stages. A variety of crucial planning considerations and issues are discussed, along with how each stage in the planning process contributes equally to the success or otherwise of the event as a whole.

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Event Management MRU

Event Mtroyal.ca All Courses ››

Required Courses. Recommended order . Introduction to Event Planning Be introduced to the art and science of event management in this overview of the certificate program. Gain an overview of the event industry and its associations and designations. Discuss various types of events, the 5-phase approach to event planning and the core competencies of event planners.

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Events Management Courses

Event Openstudycollege.com All Courses ››

Event Management courses The fast growing industry of event management can be a challenging, rewarding and exciting career! From wedding planning to organising corporate parties, our open study courses will cover all aspects of event management to ensure the event runs smoothly.

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Best Courses In Event Management 2021

Event Academiccourses.com All Courses ››

What is a course in event management? Event management is a growing field that involves the planning of large-scale events such as festivals, trade shows and product launches. Event managers combine creative skills such as promotion and brand management with more practical ones like budgeting and scheduling.

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Diploma In Event Planning

Event Academiccourses.com All Courses ››

The Event Planning two-year diploma program includes event planning courses developed by event management professionals designed to provide you with practical hands-on learning opportunities as well as skills in project management, technology, marketing, food and beverage, customer relations, event execution and so much more.

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Professional Conference And Event Management The

Events Sce.aucegypt.edu All Courses ››

The course includes various topics that allow learners to grasp the event and conference management concept, apply feasibility studies, analyze and plan for various events, in addition to advertising and marketing the event activities, planning committees, budgeting, managing logistics for conferences and events, as well as post-event evaluation and reporting.

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Event Planning Course Courses For Success

Planning Coursesforsuccess.com All Courses ››

Study Event Planning Online Course and Learn How to Build a Successful Event Planning Career. Join the exciting world of event planning and learn how to create events that ensure guests have a positive experience. Our Event Planning Course will give you all the skills and knowledge to become a successful event planner.

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Events Courses TAFE Queensland

Events Tafeqld.edu.au All Courses ››

TAFE Queensland offers both introductory and advanced courses in events and events management, with entry-level certificates through to diploma and advanced diploma courses available. Get the practical skills you need to launch your events career working in tourism, hospitality, sports, the arts, or community events. View events courses.

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Diploma Of Event Management Course

Manage Tafeqld.edu.au All Courses ››

The course covers how to lead and manage people, coordinate marketing activities, creatively collaborate and manage financial budgets. Successful completion of this course will qualify you to work as a conference or venue coordinator, or an event or exhibition manager and provide you the foundation knowledge to pursue further studies in your field.

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What colleges offer event planning majors?

Let's take a look at the programs offered by a few event planning colleges, including Champlain College, Grand Valley State University, and California State Polytechnic University. These three schools stand out for the rankings they received from U.S. News & World Report for 2019.

What are good colleges for event planning?

Usually, programs for aspiring event planners lead to certificates or undergraduate degrees. Let's take a look at the programs offered by a few event planning colleges, including Champlain College, Grand Valley State University, and California State Polytechnic University.

What is an event planning degree?

About the Best Degrees for Event Planning. Event planners manage all aspects of the planning, organization, presentation and hosting of social, business and other events. In addition to a dynamic curriculum that prepares students for a successful career, degree programs also give students hands-on experience in the industry.

What is event management course?

Event management courses teach customer service and organizational skills that can be used to plan employee meetings, press conferences, board meetings and even, on a smaller scale, team meetings. Online courses are available from a variety of schools around the globe and tuition costs are different at each one.

About event planning courses

Event Planning Courses Become an Event Planner Course This is our most popular course with over 26,000 successful students. You will learn everything needed to begin and grow as an event planner.

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