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FREE Defensive Strategies Firearms Training

Basic Basic Pistol Shooting & Safety - FREE This FREE introductory non-shooting course is 2 hours long and includes classroom time learning firearm safety, handling, proper grip, storage and maintenance.

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7 Best & Free Self Defense Classes & Courses: Price

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Published: Jul 07, 2020
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Online Concealed Carry Course With FREE Permit Testing

FREE Our Online Training. Self-defense - Owning a gun requires a self-defense mindset. You are mostly carrying a gun for protection and will need to understand how this differs from offensive mindsets. Watch the videos included in the online course, for FREE. Answer the questions we provide to test your knowledge, for FREE. Once you have a

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SelfDefense Firearms Training Be Safe, Be Confident

These These classes provide the general public the opportunity to receive the same high quality firearms training as city, county, state and federal agencies. Classes emphasize civilian self-defense situations. Self-defense tactics and survival shooting skills are taught. Reservations are required for all classes.

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Online Training Firearm Training

Safety Topics available: Gun Control Act Overview. Safety and Clearing (rules of safe handling, clearing procedures, safety precautions, internal safety devices, test-firing cautions, jammed firearms); Firearm Classification (5 categories of GCA firearms, definitions of “firearm” and “antique” [non-gun], forearm-braces, vertical fore-grips, 80% Receivers/Dummy Guns/Home Made Guns)

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Online Firearm Training & SelfDefense Classes

Defense Home Defense and Concealed Carry Class Online! Concealed Carry/Home Defense Fundamentals E-Learning To obtain a concealed carry license in Illinois, you must attend a full 16 hour or 3 hour renewal “in person” class. Instructed by author Michael Martin, “Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals,” is a comprehensive course for anyone considering …

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Gun SelfDefense Course Florida Firearms Academy

Ranges Gun Self-Defense Course at Florida Firearms Academy, Tampa & New Port Richey, FL. Firearm Training Courses, Concealed Weapon Permit, Indoor Shooting Ranges.

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Defensive Shooting Classes SelfDefense, Tactical

Defensive SIG SAUER Academy's defensive shooting courses are specific to defending life with a firearm in a potential deadly situation. That is the base for our defensive pistol, rifle, and shotgun courses. Each have specific objectives incorporating practical firearms skills combined with tactics. Al l defensive shooting courses require formal prior training in foundational skills. Intermediate

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Women's Self Defense

Module Welcome To SEPS Women's Self-Defense. This is a free online course that teaches you how to predict, identify, prevent and avoid violence. Start The Course Home Foundations Module Module 1 - Rape & Sexual Assault Module 2 - Abusive Partners Module 3 - Stalking & Stalkers Module 4 - OC/Pepper Spray Module 5 - Muggers & Muggings

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Combat Tactical Firearms Academy

Training Attend a self defense gun training course at Combat Tactical Academy Firearms Training in Las Vegas, Nevada -- taught by professional law enforcement, military, and private instructors.. After your first self defense firearms training course at Combat Tactical Academy you will leave with firearms training skills that will make you feel better

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Home Defense Course Shoot Safe Learning

Topics Home Defense - NRA Personal Protection Inside The Home: The most common reason for an individual to purchase a firearm is to be able to defend his/her home and family. This course tackles a wide range of topics. From the proper mindset, how to prepare your home for safety, use of force, aftermath and shooting techniques. This is an 8 hour course.

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Gun Training For Women The Well Armed Woman

Training You can choose from a variety of NRA training courses from the basic through more advanced shooting techniques and skills. The USCCA also has a wonderful training program and certified instructors all across the country. They offer anumber of courses focused on your self defense with a firearm with an emphasis on the legal ramifications.

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Online Learning Firearms Courses Level 1 Firearms Training

Firearm This online CCW course is for concealed carry knowledge only (non-license class). Students receive a live virtual comprehensive explanation on how to safely handle their firearm and when it can be used for self-defense, choosing a firearm for personal protection, ammunition selection, holstering, situational awareness, cover and concealment, defensive mindset, personal …

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Self Defense Handgun Class Top Gun Defense Class

Handgun 6 p.m. - 10 p.m. 1 Night. $100.00 person. If you carry a handgun or plan to, there are a few things you need to know, and this self defense handgun class is designed to teach you. You must know how to use the gun effectively. You need to know how to draw the weapon efficiently and safely.

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9 Best Self Defense Classes [2022 FEBRUARY] [UPDATED]

Defense 1. Learn Military Close Combat Training Course Captain Chris Pizzo (Udemy) The course covers topics like close combat techniques and targeting fundamentals.
2. Advanced Close Combat Training Course: Scientific Self Defense (Udemy) The advanced close combat training course covers military ‘’insider’’ secrets and ‘’voodoo’’ moves.
3. Self Defense Made “Real” Easy Course (Udemy) The self defense course will teach you how you can protect yourself from violent people. Learn how to defeat attackers with weapons.
4. Mental Self Defense and Combat Psychology Course (Udemy) The course covers the history of situational awareness and awareness techniques. Understand survival planning in case of emergencies.
5. Self Defense Courses and Training Online (Udemy) Udemy offers a series of programs and training in self-defense beginning from basic protection against harassment to specialized techniques.
6. Free Self Defense Classes (Skillshare) If you are looking forward to picking up some self-defense strategies and moves on the go then Skillshare has plenty to offer.
7. Self Defense Training Online (Self-Defense College) This program is for individuals who are looking forward to learning self-defense techniques in-depth and beyond.
8. Self Defense by ProTrainings (ProTrainings) Perfecting skills in self-defense takes years and undivided dedication, something that we cannot afford to commit to due to our busy schedules.
9. Free Self Defense Classes Online (Udemy) These training programs on self-defense are available completely free of cost which gives you the opportunity to get an overview of your chosen form of technique or simply check out the different types of training available to find the ones that suit you best.Choose from novice courses such as martial arts for beginners and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for street.

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Self Defense Insight Firearms Training Development

Increasing Self Defense. INSIGHT’S Advanced Courses will advance your Firearms Training to a Higher Level . We will assist you in developing, increasing, and enhancing your understanding and use of techniques, assuring personal growth and advancement in your firearms training.

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Firearms Training & SelfDefense Techniques From Expert

TRAINING FIREARMS TRAINING THAT’S EASY TO FOLLOW AND AVAILABLE 24/7 TO KEEP PACE WITH YOUR TRAINING NEEDS. The any-time access of PDN Premium firearms training means you build your defensive shooting skills at your speed, on your schedule. And when we say PDN offers a “full range”, that’s a good thing.

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