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Financial Home » Financial Literacy » Resources for Teachers » Financial Literacy for High School Students Are You Teaching Financial Literacy To High School Students? The teaching curriculum consists of fourteen lesson plans & worksheets designed to augment a semester course in life skills and personal finance management.

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You For Youth // Financial Literacy For All Ed

Grade Financial Literacy course: In this free-online course, you’ll build the knowledge and skills necessary to make financial literacy part of your 21st CCLC program. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Money Smart for Young People: Free curricula for four grade bands (PreK-2, 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12). Each includes teacher and instructor resources

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8 Fun And Free ELearning Courses That Teach Financial


Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins
1. Financial Planning for Young Adults, Coursera. Ages: All. Readings. Quizzes. Videos. Description: The Financial Planning for Young Adults course was created by the University of Illinois in partnership with the CFP Board.
2. Hands on Banking. Ages: All. Articles. Calculators. Quizzes. Videos. Description: Wells Fargo created the Hands on Banking® eLearning center to provide free financial resources.
3. OppU. Ages: All. Articles. Quizzes. Videos. Worksheets. Description: OppU — that’s us — is the financial education platform of OppLoans. We deliver a free, standards-aligned online curriculum that covers the core topics of personal finance.
4. Personal and Family Financial Planning, Coursera. Ages: College and above. Readings. Quizzes. Videos. Description: Are you a student interested in building an individualized personal finance plan?
5. Personal Finance 101: Everything You Need to Know, Udemy. Ages: All. Quizzes. Videos. Description: Haven’t heard of Udemy before? It’s an eLearning platform used by professionals and students.
6. Personal Finance Planning, edX. Ages: All. Discussions. Quizzes. Videos. Description: If you haven’t created a free edX account yet, what are you waiting for?
7. Saving and Budgeting, Khan Academy. Ages: All. Articles. Exercises. Videos. Description: Khan Academy offers online personalized learning materials to empower students outside of the classroom.
8. Smart About Money, NEFE. Ages: College and above. Articles. Calculators. Quizzes. SAM courses. Worksheets. Description: The National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) is a nonprofit dedicated to financial empowerment.

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EVERFI Financial Literacy For High School EVERFI

Financial EVERFI: Financial Literacy for High School is a digital education program that teaches students how to make wise financial decisions to promote financial well-being over their lifetime. The interactive lessons in this financial literacy course translate complex financial concepts and help students develop actionable strategies for managing their finances.

Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins

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Free Online Financial Literacy Courses For Students Banzai

Financial Financial & Life Literacy —teach your students for free.. Banzai is an award-winning, interactive content platform that teaches real-world finance. See why over 80,000 teachers in over 50% of U.S. schools are using Banzai.

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Free Financial Literacy Curriculum: Complimentary NFEC

Stephanie 1. Realizing an Unmet Need of Free Financial Literacy Curriculum. Now let’s take a glance at a real-life situation in which these resources have helped people as it relates to Free Financial Literacy Curriculum
2. Getting Started. Her first idea in this endeavor was to use a series of workshops, held by her, to help the group acquire a solid understanding of this topic.
3. Approaching Free Financial Literacy Curriculum. Now that Stephanie had chosen her short-term aims and what she planned for the distant future, her next move was to focus on how she could give this vital information to her team.
4. Mapping out a Financial Literacy Training Curriculum. What Stephanie needed to proceed with next was to narrow down the focus of the program. As the audience were all near beginners in this subject, she opted to have the free financial literacy curriculum course revolve around just the basics related to personal financial responsibilities.
5. Choosing a Primary Focus. Stephanie needed a financial literacy training curriculum that covered these subjects with engaging, interactive drills, and one that could also work around the group’s mismatched schedule availability.
6. Finding Assistance for a Free Financial Literacy Curriculum Map. Stephanie could handle presenting a structured, modular course to the group, but she was concerned that her approach may not be designed well enough.
7. Time for Executing the Plan. Of her 10-person group of mostly young volunteers, 9 of them (90%) completed the program. From that group of 9 people, 8 of them (89%) filled out a short survey claiming that they had “significantly” boosted their personal finance knowledge.
8. The Critical Follow-Up. Stephanie already realized that this first phase was just to get the ball rolling, and that this group of volunteers would need further support if they wanted to apply what they picked up in the course in their personal lives.

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Free Financial Literacy Course For Ages 1122

Financial Free Financial Literacy Course for Ages 11-22. Age Range: 11-22 (middle school, high school, & college with parental guidance). ClickScholar Michelle suggested this website provided by the American Financial Services Association (the national trade association for the consumer credit industry).

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General Financial Literacy Course FITC

Students A financial skill set is best learned in school, from well-prepared teachers (including support at home from parents). The half-credit General Financial Literacy Course is designed for junior and senior students and represents those standards of learning that …

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6 Best + Free Financial Literacy Courses & Classes [2022


Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins
1. Financial Literacy Courses (edX) edX has partnered with top institutions in the field of finance to provide courses on financial literacy. As a beginner, you can take this training and learn about finance, budgeting, and making better decisions.
2. Financial Literacy Course (Alison) This online free financial literacy certification is available on Alison, which will help you attain basic financial literacy.
3. General Financial Literacy Course (Finance In The Classroom) The General Financial Literacy Course is for junior and senior students and is required for high school graduation.
4. Financial Literacy Courses (Smart About Money) Smart About Money is an initiative of the National Endowment for Financial Education, a Non-Profit Organisation that educates Americans about financial concepts to make better financial decisions.
5. Online Financial Literacy Courses (National Financial Educators Council) The National Financial Educators Council provides resources to organizations and individuals to develop financial training programs.
6. Online Financial Education (InCharge Debt Solutions) InCharge is a non-profit organization, a member of the National Foundation for Credit Counselling (NFC), and accredited by the Council on Accreditation (COA).

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Financial Literacy: Free Personal Finance Education Materials

Financial 1. Budgeting & Saving. A good budget and savings commitment are the foundation of your financial plan. Learn how to budget, cut expenses, set savings goals and more.
2. Free Resources For Teachers. InCharge is proud to offer free financial literacy resources to teachers, K-12, college and adult. These are designed for individual study as well as in-person workshop experiences.
3. Personal Finance Workshops & Workbooks. InCharge has developed specialized financial literacy workshops for at-risk adult populations, especially low-education and low-literacy.
4. The State of Personal Finance Education In The United States. Americans as a group are woefully lax at managing money. Many borrow too much, aren’t good about repaying debt and postpone planning for retirement until it’s right in front of them.
5. The Importance of Financial Literacy. Educators and consumer-focused nonprofit organizations believe the issue is largely that American consumers just don’t know any better.
6. Financial Education in Schools. School districts across the nation complain that they lack the money and staff to take on new programs. The sort of financial training they offer varies greatly.
7. Personal Finance Videos from Sergeant Debt. Check out InCharge’s personal finance videos hosted by Sergeant Debt, the debt drill sergeant. The three-video series helps people learn how to budget, how to save and how to pay down their debt using their discretionary income.
8. Online Financial Literacy Tools. The problem has grown in an age of seemingly limitless financial choice. Credit cards, which not long ago had strict underwriting standards, are now widely available.

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7 Free Online Courses To Improve Your Financial Literacy

Course Rating: 5/5(1)

Published: Jun 07, 2019
Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins
1. Personal Finance 101: Everything You Need to Know – Udemy. If you want to get a grip on the basics, this course is ideal. It covers basic concepts in key areas like debt management, credit building, planning for retirement, understanding credit cards, and more.
2. Personal & Family Financial Planning – Coursera. A University of Florida creation, this online course is approximately 13 hours long, covering critical topics about financial planning.
3. Finance for Everyone: Smart Tools for Decision-Making – edX. A course from the University of Michigan, this class focuses on how to make sound financial decisions during your daily life.
4. Financial Literacy – ALISON. This six- to 10-hour course concentrates on the basics of personal finance. From budgeting and saving to debt management and retirement planning, this class aims to improve your overall financial literacy to ensure you can manage your today and plan for tomorrow.
5. Personal Finance – iTunes. For those who want to be able to learn while on the go, this course from Missouri State University features seven sections, each one covering a primary topic.
6. Introduction to Managing Your Personal Finance Debts – ALISON. If your primary financial literacy goal is to learn more about debt management and elimination, this course is for you.
7. Investment Vehicles, Insurance, and Retirement – Khanacademy. Another more focused course, this class focuses on investing, insurance, and retirement.

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High School Financial Literacy Curriculum FoolProofMe

Curriculum Over 22 hours of free, online, video-driven, self-grading financial literacy instruction. And young people do all the teaching. You can use one "module" or you can use the entire curriculum.

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Financial Literacy Ohio Department Of Education

Financial Financial Literacy. This financial literacy webpage provides information to support educators teaching financial literacy starting in kindergarten and concluding with a high school course that districts may use to teach financial literacy as …

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Learn Financial Literacy With Online Courses, Classes

Financial Financial Literacy Courses and Certifications. edX has partnered with leading institutions and thinkers in the world of finance to bring you the most up to date and appropriate financial training. You can take courses in a variety of financial subjects without worrying that the advice is outdated or worse incorrect.

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Personal Financial Literacy Academics/Curriculum

Grades Students enrolled in grades 3-5 access the Personal Financial Literacy curriculum through Social Studies units in grades 3, 4 and 5. Grades 6-8. Students enrolled in grades 6-8 access the personal literacy curriculum through the following required courses: Grade 6: Food Science, Lab 21 (required courses) Grade 8: Life Skills in Society (CTE

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How to teach financial literacy??

  • Be mindful of how you speak about money in front of your children. ...
  • Be mindful of how you speak about other people and their money in front of your children. ...
  • Involve them in the family budgeting discussions. ...
  • Give them age-appropriate allowances which they need to manage. ...

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How to become a financial literacy educator??

The five main components of financial literacy include:

  • Basics of Budgeting
  • Prioritizing Saving Money
  • How Investing Works
  • Understanding Debt
  • Financial safety & Identity Theft

How to teach Personal Finance??

  • We asked six financial literacy teachers about lessons that surprised their students the most.
  • People are surprised to learn that student loans can build credit, even if they're in deferment.
  • Take control of your 401 (k) or IRA investments by doing deeper research on your investments.
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