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15 Free Online Interior Design Courses With Certificates In 2021

Online 15 Free Online Interior Design Courses with Certificates

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Free Online Interior Design Courses Oxford Home Study

Course Sign up for our interior design classes online for free and enjoy the freedom to study at your preferred pace. There are no fixed study schedules or time limits, and all course materials can be accessed 24/7 via our online learning platform. Course Overview Course Syllabus Payment Options Endorsement

Course at QLS: Short Course
Endorsement: OHSC
Course Duration: 20 Hours
Study Method: Online Learning

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Free Interior Design Online Courses And HomeLane Blog


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1. Free Interior Design Classes Online (Skillshare) Skillshare offers an array of self-paced free classes that will introduce you to the basics of interior design, with lessons on interior décor, arranging a centrepiece, balancing a colour palette, and much more.
2. Best Free Interior Design Courses (Udemy) Udemy, the leading online educational platform, offers opportunities to learn basic techniques of interior design at a foundational level, and also work with professional-level design styles.
3. Free Interior Design Classes & Courses (LinkedIn Learning – Lynda) These self-paced how-to tutorials will help you to reimagine your spaces and use popular software like Revit and SketchUp to design plans, add products and create work schedules for implementation.
4. Oxford Home Study. Oxford Home Study Centre offers a 20 hours short-term course that is open to anyone looking to make a career in this field. You can get a glimpse of the interior design industry, that’s enough to make you want to explore this fascinating field further.
5. Alison Diploma in Interior Design. This 6 to 10 hours free online course takes you through an overview of interior design as a discipline. You will learn aspects of project planning and client communication, various principles of design including colour, balance, harmony, space utilization, and other factors a designer takes into account when working within a space.
6. MIT OpenCourseWare: Principles of Design. MIT has opened its hallowed portals to online students, and their free introductory course on the Principles of Design is a great starting point if you want to brush up on your basic design concepts.
7. Better Homes Guides. While this is not a course as such, it’s a valuable free repository of articles and guides curated by Better Homes. You can get valuable professional tips, and do-it-yourself projects with nuggets of practical inspiration to get you started on designing your own home.
8. YouTube Courses. YouTube has an amazing collection of Interior Design Sketching courses that are completely free. Each of the courses is a step-by-step tutorial on drawing two or one point interior design perspectives.

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The Best Free Online Interior Design Courses You Can Take

Interior 1. MIT OpenCourseWare: Principles of Design. What better way to learn interior design than from a prestigious university? Even if you can't physically attend MIT, you can still take advantage of its free OpenCourseWare class focused on the principles of design.
2. DecoratingStudio: Design Fundamentals. DecoratingStudio may not have the best website decor, but it sure has some great content on decorating your home.
3. BetterHomes: Practical Guides. When you want to learn interior design, BetterHomes is a one-stop-shop. The decorating section of the BetterHomes website is stuffed with practical inspiration, professional tips, and do-it-yourself projects that will have your home converted in no time.
4. HGTV Design 101: Keep Up to Date With Styles. The Design 101 section of HGTV is a treasure trove of information for contemporary interior design. At the bottom of each "class" page, you'll see recommended articles, slideshows, or videos that show other relevant content to bulk out your knowledge of a certain area.
5. Coco Kelley: Fresh Takes on the Classics. If you're looking for carefully curated inspiration rather than step-by-step guides or introductory courses, Coco Kelley is a beautiful alternative to Pinterest scouring.
6. Howcast: Interior Design Basics. These free online interior design courses from Howcast offer an excellent general introduction to interior design and serve as a great alternative to the best free courses on Udemy.
7. YouTube: Interior Design Sketch Courses. If you've always wanted to learn how to draw well, and sketch like a professional interior designer, you can find plenty of information on YouTube.
8. Houzz: A Decor Community. Houzz boasts a 35-million member community dedicated to helping you remodel and design your home. Being a largely visually-oriented site, there are a huge number of curated interior photos (which you can easily save) to act as inspiration.
9. HomeStyleExpert: Decorating Techniques. Design is only one aspect of achieving the perfect home. Decorating is equally as important. By following this free interior design course, you'll get the hang of how to put the finishing touches on your home.

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Free Online Interior Design Course With Shaw Academy

Interior Interior Design Course Online. This professional interior designing course will help you gain practical knowledge on how to create and manage your own design projects right through to running your own interior design business. $69.99 /month.

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7 Great Free Online Courses For Interior Design Online

Design 1. Photoshop Launch. Offered by The Design Cure Academy. This one hour and 13 minute course taught by Brian Lee at the Design Cure Academy has been created to help aspiring interior designers learn the basics of photoshop and how to get up and running with it quickly.
2. Design a Contemporary Bedroom in Vray, Sketchup and Photoshop. Offered by Udemy. In this three-hour course, students will use Vray, Sketchup, and Photoshop to design a bedroom.
3. Designing a Tiny House with Sketchup. Offered by LinkedIn Learning. Did you know that if you have a LinkedIn premium account you can access hundreds of courses for free?
4. Sketchup Launch. Offered by The Design Cure Academy. This second free course by the Design Cure Academy serves as an ideal introduction for interior designers wishing to learn the basics of Sketchup.
5. Revit Launch. Offered by the Design Cure Academy. Revit is the most robust 3D rendering and drafting tool in the architecture and interior design industry, and this third free course offered by the Design Cure Academy will take you through the basics step-by-step.
6. Interior Design Basics. Offered by Howcast. Howcast offers several online video tutorials taught by professional interior designer Blanche Garcia. The platform is less of a course and more of a curated collection of engaging lessons that will get your creative juices flowing.
7. Free Home Decor Class. Offered by Decorating Studio. Taught by designer Susan Welch Heeney, this six lesson course is a no-frills offering that covers the basics of interior design for the home.

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Online Interior Design Classes Start Learning For Free

Learn Explore Interior Design Classes Online. Take the next step on your interior design journey. With these Skillshare classes, you can learn about interior design styles and principles, and learn how to use the tools and methods to bring your ideas to life, creating and designing unique, beautiful spaces.

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Earn A Diploma In Interior Design With This Free Online …

Course Earn a Diploma in Interior Design with this free online course Home Diploma in Interior Design Diploma in Interior Design This free online diploma course explores interior design and trains you to professionally decorate building interiors. Publisher: CourseFlix This diploma course provides an overview of interior design as a discipline and career. Rating: 3/5(149)

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Interior Design Fundamentals Home Design Institute

Online The free Interior Design online course is an online synchronous course via Zoom. This means that you will be in a real-time virtual classroom together with the other students and the instructor. When there is a will, there is a way, and we will give you the skills you need!

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Free Interior Decorating Course, Discover How To Create

Interior Hi, I'm Lee Brown, interior decorating course coordinator. I am here to offer you free interior decorating course. Due to popular demand from the readers of interiordezine.com, I have written and compiled a two week course on interior decorating that is easy to follow and life changing, you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

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Free Decorating Your Home Online Course

Decorating Home Decor, Decorating & Interior Design Course: Shopping Cart Search Help Contact. Free "Decorating Your Home" On-Line Class by Susan Welch Heeney, ASID. This is the Decorating & Home Decor Class you have read about! Totally Free - Really! No registering or …

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Interior Design For Beginners Courses Free Interior

Courses We offer interior design for beginners courses free. Currently, in our level 1 program, we are offering 3 free online courses for interior design beginning students. Our free courses are hands-on and practical with real world interior design knowledge and information. Our 3 free courses we are offering are the following: Pretest Course

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Online Interior Design Course Interior Design Class NYIAD

Lesson 1. 1 Eye of the Designer. In Lesson 1.1: Eye of the Designer, we'll start by going over NYIAD's Three Basic Guidelines for Interior Design. Once you understand these guidelines, we'll start to look at successful rooms in a new way.
2. 1 Drawing a Floorplan. In Lesson 2.1: Drawing a Floorplan, you are going to produce a finished floor plan drawn to scale. From there, we'll discuss how this floorplan is used moving forward in the design workflow- from planning furniture to making a formal presentation to your clients.
3. 1 Furniture Layout. In Lesson 3.1: Furniture Layout, we help you establish a simple, easy-to-follow technique to use whenever you design the furniture layout for any room.
4. 1 Planning for Lighting. In Lesson 4.1: Planning for Lighting, we'll look at how to plan for lighting the rooms you're designing. We'll train you to think about what the function of each room is, decide what mood you want to create, and consider how the different lighting types will harmonize in any given room.
5. 1 Harmony. In Lesson 5.1: Harmony, we take all the pieces of the design puzzle you've gathered thus far throughout the course and combine them to produce a complete, harmonious room.
6. 1 Finished Presentation. In Lesson 6.1: Finished Presentation, we discuss a number of different ways in which you can handle your finished presentation when revealing your work to your clients.

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Free Interior Decorating Course Catalog QC Design School

Design QC Design School is a faculty of QC Career School, an online international school that has been educating creative professionals for over 35 years. QC’s design courses give students the best design training possible from the comfort of home.

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Where can I find a free online course in interior design??

This free online course in interior designs is offered by the Oxford Home study center. It is an introductory course in interior designs. The study time is 20 hours. There are no barriers to entry. So, as an ID enthusiast, apply and get in now. This free Interior Design course covers many topics not limited to,

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Interior Design School Overview. This online interior design course is a comprehensive program that will teach you everything you need to know to become a professional interior designer. You will learn design trends and history, furniture styles and fabrics, color theory and lighting.

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Enjoy a fascinating introduction to the interior design industry, while exploring the primary responsibilities of the interior designer and the objectives of interior design. A cut above the usual free interior decorating classes online, this exclusive course will help you begin tapping into your hidden potential.

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Both of our paid and free interior design certificate program will prepare you with sufficient knowledge base to learn to become an Interior Designer and most important of all, our online interior design courses and certificate program will allow you to enter into the interior design industry.

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