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Hours How to Get a HAM Radio License: Succeed the First Time! Courses Details: How to get ham radio license is easy, but you must study for the exams because passing is a bit harder. In general, studying will take about 10 hours [1] . Attending a class with volunteer examiners is one of the best ways to study.

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Free Online Ham Radio Course

Available I think it’s one of the very best resources available on the Internet. It’s clear that he spent many hours creating the videos. Together with KB6NU’s The No-Nonsense Technician Class License Study Guide (PDF, 411 KB), Andy’s video series is the best free ham radio course available online. What do you think?

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Free Ham License Online

General Free Lesson Ham Radio Online License Class. General Show details . 7 hours ago The 3 levels of amateur radio licenses are Technician, General and Amateur Extra. You must pass each exam in order. Level 1: The Technician License: the entry-level license that allows you to get on the air. Great for local communication and sufficient for most uses.

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Free Lesson Ham Radio Prep – Ham Radio Online …

General The 3 levels of amateur radio licenses are Technician, General and Amateur Extra. You must pass each exam in order. Level 1: The Technician License: the entry-level license that allows you to get on the air. Great for local communication and sufficient for most uses. Level 2: The General License: Get access to all amateur radio bands including

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Ham Radio Prep – Ham Radio Online License Class

Videos A Ham Radio License Course designed for beginners. You can find lessons, instructional videos, and practice exams. Get started with our free lesson.

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3 Best Ham Radio Classes Online: Pass With Flying Colors!


Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins
1. Ham Radio Prep. The first ham radio course is from Ham Radio Prep. In order to incentivize you and to make you feel more comfortable spending money with them, they offer a free 5-minute lesson just for you to see if the course is for you.
2. Ham Test Online. Ham test online offers courses for ham radio license exams in the US. They are effective because they use actual questions from the exams to prep the students.
3. provides amateur radio education services for those looking to obtain a license. This is actually a completely free service that comes with 35 free video lessons.

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Online Courses

Online This new course is now available on our new online platform. For more information, read the description provided in the Online Course Catalog. Learn More. EmComm Field Classes and Exams. As an alternative to the online course, some Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) clubs offer classroom instruction and exam sessions for the Emergency

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How To Get A HAM Radio License: Succeed The First Time!

Amateur The first 2 tiers of the FCC amateur license (technician and general) will each have 35 questions. The amateur extra license will have 50. In order to pass, you must have at least 74% correct on the amateur radio service test. We definitely suggest getting study materials as you can search for free resources online like the ARRL License Manual.

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On Line Ham Radio Class

Mitch Mitch Stern W1SJ wrote the On-Line Amateur Radio Course and he is your instructor. He also teaches the Weekend Amateur Radio Course held in various spots in the Northeast. Mitch has been teaching ham radio for 39 years and has helped hundreds of students get their license or upgrade their license.

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HamTestOnline Study For Your Ham Radio License Exam

Questions Online courses for the U.S. ham radio license exams. Integrates study materials with question drill, using the actual exam questions and answers. Tracks your progress and focuses on your weak areas, drilling questions you get wrong more often than ones you get right. It's …

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Become An Amateur Radio Operator: Free Online Classes

Amateur In March, the Humboldt Amateur Radio Club will offer a free class to help prepare people for the Federal Communications Commission’s Amateur Radio Technician Class license examination on May 15.

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How To Get Your Amateur Radio License (Be A Ham) W5NOR

Radio FCC License Fees – The FCC provides amateur radio licenses for free. Radio, antennas, and all the rest – You can start with a $25 handheld radio and then expand from there. Just like any hobby, what you spend depends on your interests. You can buy pieces and parts as you progress through your activities.

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Foundation Online FREE Amateur Radio Course Ham Train

Online Our course is free. As of 2021, it’s now possible to study online for free, and take your exam online – no need to complete any practical assessments, or visit an approved exam venue. To enrol, visit Foundation Online Registration. If you prefer classroom-based teaching, many local clubs offer training courses and exams.

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Learning Programs American Radio Relay League

Online Like hamfest forums and radio club presentations, the webinars are intended to help participants get more active, involved, and engaged in amateur radio. Learn more about the ARRL Webinars; ARRL Online Learning. ARRL currently offers 3 online courses that provide training in Emergency Communications: Online Course Catalog

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HamTestOnline™ Try It Ham Radio License Exam

Already The first step is the entry-level (“Technician”) license. General course — Already have the Technician? Upgrade to General and talk around the world on the shortwave bands! Extra course — Already have the General? Upgrade to Extra to get all privileges on all bands! More information. Learn more about Ham Test Online ™ Which exam

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How To Get A Ham Radio License (FCC Amateur, Test Online

Their Take the Test. In many states, the Amateur radio classes exam costs 15 dollars. Exam sessions are available every month in various states. Interested parties will need to contact a ham radio club in their locality to establish how much the test costs. Parties will also need to establish the exam session in their state.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How hard is it to get a HAM license??

No official documents or prior experience is needed to get a ham radio license. You do need the right materials, put in around 10 hours of study time for the average person, and pay for your exam. There are either 35-50 questions, which also shouldn’t take too much time out of your day.

Do I really need a HAM license??

That’s why you need a license to get into the Amateur Radio Service. That way, hams know that their comrades-in-arms have the basic knowledge and skill to handle radio waves safely. Fortunately, though, the basic knowledge of ham radio is within the grasp of anyone willing to put in the effort to learn. And that effort need not be very painful.

How exactly do you get your HAM license??


  • At the beginning of each contact, and every 10 minutes thereafter
  • At least once during each transmission
  • At least every 15 minutes during and at the end of a communication
  • At least every 10 minutes during and at the end of a communication

How long does it take to get your ham radio license??

How Long Does It Take to get a Ham Radio License? it takes approximately 90 to 120 days to get your license. Being able to communicate is critical during an emergency. If… Knowing how to make a snare trap can save your…

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