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1 hours ago Online training is not for everyone and we appreciate that some people prefer the structure and interaction offered in a conventional classroom environment. We still run face-to-face classroom training enabling you to cover the same material in one concise course and under the expert guidance of one of our knowledgeable trainers.

Website: https://www.ict.co/Training-Certification

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Website Registration ICT

Request Info.ict.co

Just Now ICT Website Account Registration. Access to ICT technical documentation, online training, software/firmware, and other resources, is restricted to approved security installers, integrators, and consultants. To request access, enter your details here. Your request will be reviewed by our administration team and we'll be in touch soon.

Website: https://info.ict.co/website-registration

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ICT Commercial

Premises Ict.co

9 hours ago Commercial. Commercial premises and business parks face two main security challenges: keeping occupants safe, and protecting buildings and contents. Often, the premises are readily accessible to the general public and as such can be targeted by potential vandals and thieves. Buildings have multiple entry and exit points that need to be secured

Website: https://www.ict.co/Commercial

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ICT ICT Mobile Solutions

Shopping Ict.co

5 hours ago ICT Mobile Solutions. Access and control. In the palm of your hand. Smartphone technology has transformed the way we do business. We use our phones to check email and social media, for online shopping and banking, as well as making calls and sending messages. With the number of mobile phone users worldwide expected to reach over 5 billion by

Website: https://www.ict.co/Mobile-Solutions

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ICT Case Studies

Software Ict.co

1 hours ago When UW Credit Union were looking to replace their aging Verex system, they decided the hardware on the walls mattered little in comparison to the software that they would use to secure the branches. After looking at more than 20 providers over a six-month period, they chose ProtegeGX based on its superior software performance….

Website: https://www.ict.co/Case-Studies

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ICT Products

Training Ict.co

7 hours ago Training & Certification. Products. At ICT, we’re committed to providing systems that help you keep your people, property, operations and information safe. With our large range of products taking care of your building and security needs, you can focus on the core aspects of your business.

Website: https://www.ict.co/Products

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ICT IP Monitoring

Analog Ict.co

2 hours ago Training & Certification. IP Monitoring. As technology improves and more and more services and functions are being performed online, traditional analog monitoring systems are being forced into the digital world. Copper phone lines are costly to maintain, and with line rental and user charges the cost of an analog system quickly mounts up.

Website: https://www.ict.co/IP-Monitoring

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ICT Apartments & Condos

Grant Ict.co

9 hours ago The instinctive, easy-to-use interface makes learning a breeze, reduces training costs, and ensures personnel are quickly up to speed. Once the system has been configured, front desk staff simply enter new tenant details to automatically grant the relevant access to the building, parking area, elevators, common amenities, and so on.

Website: https://www.ict.co/Apartments

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ICT Blog

Protege Info.ict.co

7 hours ago Training & Certification. Set Your Access Control Free with Wireless Locking. If using online locks, Protege GX has no limits on the number of card holders (there is a 10,000 user limit with Protege WX), each model of offline lock will have a set limit.

Website: https://info.ict.co/read-wireless-locking-video

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