Implement discrimination training

9 Best Online AntiDiscrimination Training Courses

Prejudice This course is a combination of comprehensive videos, slide presentations, exercises, and quizzes that will help you learn all about the fascinating sciene of prejudice

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Online Discrimination Training Traliant

Discrimination A well-designed discrimination training program can help drive positive, inclusive behavior and reinforce the message that preventing discrimination and harassment and ensuring equal …

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10 Discrimination Training Courses EdApp Microlearning Programs

Course What is Gender and Why Gender Equality is a free, online discrimination training course developed by UNITAR that is hosted on EdApp. This course starts by …

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6 Best Discrimination Training Programs 2022 Josh Fechter


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8 Best Discrimination Training Programs HR University

EasyLlama Price: Starts at $9.95. EasyLlama is one of the new companies when it comes to business training and is founded in 2019. EasyLlama is top on our list because it offers harassment …

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Discrimination Training How To ABA

Items The steps look like this: for this example, we are teaching ball. 1 item out “give me ball”. 2 items out- I like to stay away from the same category or items that can be confusing, so …

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MCAD AntiDiscrimination Training Catalog & Registration

Massachusetts The MCAD's primary courses are interactive training seminars that cover up-to-date information on Massachusetts anti-discrimination laws in any given field. E mployment Discrimination

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DiscriminationFree Workplace HSI

Employees Workplace discrimination occurs when an employee or group of employees is treated less favorably than similarly situated employees of a different race, sex, age, national origin, …

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Discrimination And Harassment Free Workplace OSHA Outreach …

Welcome Welcome to Discrimination and Harassment Free Workplace training. The purpose of this course is to help you understand our company’s policies and the laws related to …

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Civil Rights Online Training Office Of Justice Programs

Nondiscrimination The online training, which consists of six segments and self-tests, provides an overview of applicable nondiscrimination laws and the general civil rights obligations that are …

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4 Essential Courses On Equality And NonDiscrimination

Online SDG: Moving Towards Sustainable Work is an online course offered by the Universidad Carlos iii de Madrid in Spain. The course is taught entirely in English through a series of online videos …

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Confronting Discrimination Online Training Course TalentLibrary

Course Course overview. It can be challenging to understand the importance of confronting discrimination. Even the word confront carries negative connotations that can make both …

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Diversity Training Online Elearning Inclusion Calendar

Harassment Preventing Discrimination and Harassment is an excellent, new online interactive harassment training for employees. 25-minute, interactive course. This workplace harassment course will …

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Free Workplace Harassment Training – Behave At Work

Could Free Workplace Harassment Training Exercises. Our free workplace harassment training exercises are meant to open your eyes and bring awareness to some of the conduct that could …

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Free Diversity And Inclusion Training Courses: 8 To Consider

Diversity Diversity and inclusion are essential in business as there are a variety of people from different backgrounds and cultures who provide us with a balance of voices and diversity. …

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AntiHarassment And Discrimination Training EW Group

Whole-group Our anti-harassment and discrimination training course comprises a blend of presentations, real-life case studies, and facilitated activities including individual, small-group and whole-group …

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a discrimination training program??

A discrimination training program is a program that educates employees on what constitutes unacceptable behavior and how to avoid committing discriminatory acts in the workplace. It is designed to combat workplace discrimination. A training program will help in building a positive, inclusive and productive work culture.

What should be included in anti discrimination training??

Effective discrimination training should raise awareness of: 1 The different forms of discrimination 2 How and when workplace discrimination can occur 3 The consequences of violating anti-discrimination laws 4 What employees and managers can do to prevent workplace discrimination 5 Your anti-discrimination policy and procedures

How to deal with discrimination in the workplace??

Awareness programs, such as discrimination training courses are a good way to help you and your employees. It will help you to understand what constitutes inappropriate behavior in a professional setting. Many organizations offer great diversity and inclusion training programs for employers who need it.

What does the preventing discrimination and harassment course cover??

Traliant’s comprehensive Preventing Discrimination and Harassment course contains a complete episode dedicated specifically to Discrimination. The other episodes in the course cover Sexual Harassment, Diversity & Inclusion and Bystander Intervention. The training is available in three versions for:

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